Beth Lemonier

Beth Lemonier has over 35 years’ experience as an accomplished results-oriented sales and marketing professional. A Louisiana native, Beth holds a degree in Marketing from St. Mary’s Dominican College in New Orleans. She has been a licensed Realtor since 2003 with a very successful sales tract record and experience in both residential and commercial real estate, focusing on retail. Her formal marketing background, experience and work ethic qualify her as one of the area’s premier real estate professionals. She possesses strong research and market/quantitative analysis capability and is skilled in negotiating deals. Beth is also adept at cultivating, managing and leveraging client relationships along with exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. She primarily identifies potential business opportunities in the Gulf South that coincide with Gulf States’ diverse real estate service specialties. Maximizing the company's financial growth and market position are her primary objectives.


Business Development Director/REALTOR®